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Good Dog Crew Bringing The Industry to Pennsport

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The interior of The Witch, which will surely change.
The interior of The Witch, which will surely change.

Good Doggers Dave Garry and Heather Gleason are opening a new bar in Pennsport at Moyamensing and Reed Streets called The Industry. An homage to the hard working denizens of the food service world, The Industry will feature 80 seats, and special price breaks for those folks who pour your liquor and cook your food. For you vanillas, though, don't worry about getting gouged as the Good Dog has always been a place to save a few pennies.

The doors at The Industry should open sometime this Spring in the space that once housed The Witch. Pat Szoke (Vetri, The Corner, Farm and Fisherman) is on as executive chef of The Industry, and will be tossing out dinner specialties like housemade charcuterie, beercan chicken, and the now-ubiquitous bone marrow. For you adventurous types, Szoke plans on going offal for some dishes, like the Buffalo sweetbreads, and the pork face nuggets. Brunch will be available at launch, too, and include dishes like the Burger Benedict, which consists of sliders served on English muffins with quail egg and beer cheese fondue.

Since The Good Dog brain trust is behind the project, you can expect a serious selection of craft beers, booze-heavy cocktails, and solid house wines. The Industry is going to fill a much-needed void of quality bars in a neighborhood where the best place to get a beer is at the Penn's Port Pub strip joint. We're still going to go there, though, strictly out of habit.

· The Industry [Official]

1401 East Moyamensing Ave, Philadelphia, PA