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Empanada Alley No More; SquareBurger Opens

No more empanadas for anyone
No more empanadas for anyone

OLD CITY — The excitement for the upcoming Empanda Alley is over, as owners Larry Cohen and Barry Gutin have decided to pull the plug on the project. The duo stated that the neighbors worries about late-night noise caused a premature end to a project that created a lot of buzz in a short amount of time. Hopefully they'll find a more suitable spot and not kill the idea altogether. [EaterWire]

FRANKLIN SQUARESquareBurger opened up for the season today at 7th and Race Streets. Stephen Starr's Shake Shack clone opened the shutters at noon, handing out their tasty burgers and legendary Butterscotch Krimpet-stuffed Cake Shake on a sunny afternoon. Daily hours are 10 AM until 7 PM until May 25th, when the hours extend to 10 PM. [Citypaper]

ALL OVER PENNSYLVANIAPennsylvania lawmakers had approved a bill that would allow winemakers to ship directly to Pennsylvania residents yesterday. Grub Street is reporting that less than 24 hours after the big thumbs up, some other jerks in Harrisburg are opposing the motion, and now we're back at square one. Nothing good ever happens in that building. You'd figure if anyone liked the idea of getting liquor sent to their homes, it would be a politician. [Grub Philly]