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Questlove-Chang Fried Chicken Fight Set for April 12

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Art: Collin Flatt/Eater Philly

Last week, Questlove and David Chang (Momofuku) had a war of words over Twitter about who had the best fried chicken. Chang suggested they take their fight to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and Eater Philly has learned from The Afro himself that it's happening on April 12th.

Last week, Questlove had a pre-game taste test at his place in NYC, and a few celebs stopped by to try both chickens (He bought $600 worth of Chang's bird). Supermodel Christine Tiegen tweeted this very, um, juicy photo of her enjoying a Questo drumstick.

Questlove said that he's working on getting a celebrity panel to judge the fried fray for the show. Getting a group of Philly-based celebs might help stack the deck, but maybe not Tina Fey. Eater Philly would like to remind Jimmy Fallon & Co. that we can always be reached via email.

So, set your DVR to record, and get the popcorn, or er, fried chicken ready. It's going to get greasy.

UPDATE: Questlove's people said he might have spoken too soon. Date is not yet confirmed. We'll keep you posted as it develops.

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