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Tony Clark and Carmen Cappello Out at Tapestry

Tony Clark and Carmen Cappello
Tony Clark and Carmen Cappello
Photo: Nolt Photography

We got word this morning from an insider that both Tony Clark and Carmen Cappello are no longer at Tapestry, or with the Belvedere Restaurant Group altogether. Apparently, Cappello was let go earlier in the week, and Clark handed in his resignation shortly thereafter.

Calls to the restaurant were not returned, and Cappello wouldn't speak about the situation, but did text back that he is no longer at Tapestry. Clark was just brought into the group about three weeks ago to take over at BRG's Agiato in Manayunk, and was moved down to Tapestry a little more than a week ago. Cappello was hired when the group bought Adsum and was changing it over to Tapestry.

Whatever is happening in the house of Belvedere Restaurant Group sounds pretty dramatic, and we'll keep you posted when more news becomes available.

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