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Rookie Roosts Week 2012!

And now the latest from our sister site, Curbed Philly , covering real estate, neighborhood trends and the horror of home buying...
Illustration of Philadelphia (obviously) via Shutterstock
AMITYVILLE—We had a contest to see who could tell the most horrific first-time home-buying story, and the winner (selected by Curbed readers) now goes on to the nationals for a chance to win a $2,500 gift card to a home store. All the stories were pretty miserable, though. What a town.
FISHTOWN—It's a yellow beach bungalow right near the ocean ... well, no, but it's right near the Kensington Soup Society, anyway. It's the strangest little house, and it's less than $200,000.

BACK OF A TRUCK—Curbed Philly held its first ever Power Hour, during which we blogged every couple minutes about moving. Because, really, is there anything more ripe for snark, exhaustion and hilarity than moving?
BROKERBABBLE GLOSSARY—You know what brokerbabble is. It's the silly language in listings that need translating. Like "sun-splashed" = "there are windows." Or "needs TLC" means "your credit card will break under the weight of Home Depot trips." Check out other translations.
CURBED UNIVERSITY—Mortgages 101. You need this.
WEST PHILLY—Introducing Curbed's newest contributor, Sarah DiGiorgis, who's going to chronicle the process of looking for and hopefully buying a Victorian home in University City. She likes crown molding.