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The South Philly Pizza Shop Commercial Wars

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At least once per weekend you'll see a TV spot on cable for either Steak 'Em Up, The Pizza Pub, Not Just Pizza, Key Pizza, or one of the other joints close to the Axis of Pizza right around 10th and Wolf Streets. As horrible as they are, everyone loves these low budget commercials that always imitate a popular national spot, just customized to make it work for pizza.

There's Steak 'Em Up, who apparently still find the "Wassup" Budweiser commercials entertaining more than a decade later. The Pizza Pub promotes "The Most Predictable Man in the World." Not Just Pizza wants to know if you're down with "N.J.P.," and then there's Key Pizza, who offer a take on the "Diarrhea Song" to get people to call their establishment. Eww.

Apparently around 2009 someone in that neighborhood got the bright idea to make a commercial. In short order, all the rest followed suit. It's a curious situation, as only pizza joints in South Philly seem to be part of this phenomenon, save for the random Wings to Go ad.

The Pizza Pub's "Most Predictable Man in the World" Commercial

Not Just Pizza's "NJP" Commercial

Steak 'Em Up's Whassup Commercial

Key Pizza's "Diarrhea Song" Commercial

Wolf Pizza's Transformers Commercial

NJP's Aflac Commercial

Uncle Oogie's "Quite possibly the best pizza on the planet" Commercial

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