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Wine Dinner at Sbraga; Beer Dinner at

RITTENHOUSEThe Insider is reporting that the previously announced Philly outpost of Crumbs Bakeshop might not be happening. The sweet spot was slated to open at 133 S. 18th Street early in 2012, but Mike Klein points out that Philly has been removed from the website, and the CEO has announced a crappy fourth quarter in 2011 for the company as a whole. Guess we'll have to get fat somewhere else. [The Insider]

RITTENHOUSEBirifico Bruton, one of the hot Italian craft breweries of the moment, is making the local rounds and are stopping at a. kitchen tomorrow. Meal Ticket has the whole menu and the pricing options, and most importantly, a picture of this completely insane looking guy that is representing Bruton. We didn't know Italy had hipsters, too. This is probably America's fault, because Italians usually have style. [Meal Ticket]

CENTER CITYSbraga is hosting Agostino Lenci for a big ol' delicious-looking wine dinner. At a very affordable $75, this looks like a good bet tomorrow night, so we suggest checking it out. Plus, Chef Kevin has been killing it as of late, and this would be a good time to see what all the hype is about. Seatings are at 6 and 8:30 PM. [Foobooz]


440 S Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146 215-735-1913