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Katie Cavuto's Healthy Bites to Go Closing March 18th

Healthy Bites to Go is shuttering on March 18
Healthy Bites to Go is shuttering on March 18
Photo: Meal Ticket

Former Next Food Network Star Katie Cavuto has announced she will be shuttering Healthy Bites to Go for good on March 18. Cavuto has been churning out content for Food Network's Healthy Eats, Be Well Philly, and is wrapping up a cookbook. We're sorry to say that the retail location hasn't been faring as well.

The good part of this shutter is that there will be all kinds of sales going on at the store, and you'll be able to avail yourself of Cavuto's cooking talents in the form of classes once she calls it a day in Gray's Ferry. We always hoped the darling Cavuto would make good on her healthy endeavors, because as you see in earlier posts, fat people seem to steal the spotlight in Philly. I guess we all learned something today: it doesn't pay to be healthy. So, we're going to polish off the rest of these Oreos.

· Healthy Bites to Go [Official]

Healthy Bites to Go

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