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Chef Stephen Wambach Lands at Azure in the Revel

This past weekend, Eater Philly reported that Stephen Wambach was out as the exec chef at Barclay Prime. Today, we caught up with Chef Wambach, who is currently hanging out in Rio de Janeiro with his mentor, Claude Troisgros, to "to get back to square one and ground myself both personally and professionally."

But, Wambach isn't resting on his laurels for too long. He mentioned that superstar chef Allain Allegretti has offered him the Chef de Cuisine position at the yet-to-open Azure in the Revel Casino, and he will be headed directly there after his time in Brazil. "French cuisine is my passion and I am honored and excited that Chef Allegretti has extended this opportunity to me," Wambach added.

When we asked if the slam review by LaBan was the last straw between he and Starr, he emphatically denied the allegation. "The review certainly created some tension in the kitchen, but I was already gone at that point. As for Barclay, although it was not the proper fit for either of us, I learned a lot about restaurant finances and am grateful for the experience."

Sounds like marketing speak, sure, but the bottom line is that it truly wasn't a good pairing. We hope the best for both Barclay Prime and Chef Wambach with the new project.

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