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Han Dynasty Named Top 50 Chinese in the U.S.; Sammy Chon's Gets a Liquor License

OLD CITYCNN listed the 50 Best Chinese Restaurants in the U.S., and our very own Han Dynasty made the list. This shouldn't come as a shock to anyone who has eaten there, but for the few people who only eat Chinese from takeout containers or within the borders of Chinatown, please visit Han as soon as humanly possible. Word of warning: you won't find General Tso's in the house, and that's a good thing. [CNN]

CHINATOWNSammy Chon's K-Town BBQ just got it's liquor license, so that means no more BYOB with your Koagie. Grub Street is reporting that the drinks start flowing tomorrow, and will feature bottles of beer and Soju, the potent Korean liquor. Chon said a plan to install a keg-er-ator is in place as well. [Grub Philly]

MANAYUNKLooks like Jake's and Cooper's in Manayunk is about to undergo a major overhaul. Meal Ticket is reporting that the big windows out front will be getting the sliding treatment, and later this spring, it'll be time for a more casual experience, so say goodbye to the white tablecoths. Looks like Manayunk's finally getting some revitalization going on. [Meal Ticket]

Han Dynasty

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