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Win Your Very Own Copy of the Joe Beef Cookbook

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One of the greatest cookbooks ever written.
One of the greatest cookbooks ever written.

Today is the debut of Eater Philly's giveaway series, and it's a doozy. We have a shiny copy of The Art of Living According to Joe Beef to give away to a lucky reader. The book, which won the coveted Piglet Award (best cookbook of the year, voted on by cookbook authors and chefs, etc.), is stuffed with the recipes and stories of one of North America's greatest restaurants, Joe Beef, located in Montreal. Eater HQ has a huge cookbook library, and we can say this is truly one of the greatest culinary tomes to come along in the last decade.

The book is quite beautiful, with amazing photos of lusciously shiny hunks of foie gras, poached eggs, caviar, and yes, beef. Fear not, veggie lovers, there are plenty of great recipes for you, too. There's even a recipe for a martini with a Vienna sausage in it, which is pretty boss.

How do you win? Just write a quick note in the comments section as to why you would love to have this book in your home, and please use your real name, so we know where to send the book. For bonus points, make something out of the book, and send along a picture to us. We'll post your triumphant cooking skills for the world to see. While Eater Philly wholeheartedly supports veggies and vegans, we'll warn you that 95% of the cookbook features foods that had parents.

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