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Rex 1516 Open For Business

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1516 South Street, Phila, PA
Phone: 267-319-1366; website
Status: Open for Lunch and Dinner

Rex 1516 officially opened up to the world yesterday at 1516 South Street. After a quick delay (they were scheduled to open March 1), they are now serving lunch and dinner in a full menu which we've got for you right after the jump. We're excited that they finally cut the ribbon on this place, as it's been one of our favorites to follow, and we love Chef Regis Jansen, who previously spent time running the show at the now-shuttered 1601 in South Philly.

The menu is largely Southern, with lots of pecans and crawfish offered up, and the prices are really cheap, which we'll always support. Heather Rodkey is the GM and beverage master, and has put together quite a nice selection of brews and cocktails, and since the place is owned by Jill Weber and Evan Malone of Jet Wine Bar, you can be sure the vino has been thought out properly, as well. The restaurant is open from 11AM until 4PM for lunch, and then from 5PM-11PM for dinner every day.

Click here for the Rex Opening Menu

· Rex 1516 [Official]

Rex 1516

1516 South Street, Philadelphia, PA