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Sandwich Supremacy: Nominate Your Favorite Philly Bite

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We need your nominations to fill out this bracket.
We need your nominations to fill out this bracket.

We're happy to announce our own version of March Madness right here on Eater Philly, known as Sandwich Supremacy 2012. For the next three days, we will be accepting nominations for the highly-coveted 32 slots that will fill out the bracket for the tournament. Once the list has been completed, we will announce the 32 finalists this weekend on Selection Sunday in the form of a printable bracket, just like college roundball. If we get a glut of entries, we'll expand the bracket to a full 64.

Nominations: Email us a picture of the sandwich, the name, and where you can get it, and we'll add it to the list. You can also leave a suggestion in the comments section, but Eater might reach out to you for a pic if one isn't available. We've got a nice roster to start, but we really need you guys to nominate the sandwiches we might not know about. Also, if you don't nominate your favorite, don't complain when it's not listed in the tournament.

So, what is considered a sandwich? Anything on a roll or two pieces of bread. Wraps are out. But cheesesteaks, hoagies, and yes, hamburgers are included. Even though some folks think they aren't sandwiches, the ever-reliable Wikipedia says differently. Each matchup will be decided by a vote by you, the reader. Each week, we will get through one round of tussles, and ending when we have voted in Philly's favorite bite, the Supreme Sandwich for 2012. Let's do this.

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