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Chef Mark Coates Bringing Flesh Mob BBQs to Philly

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Mark Coates and his Smoke Truck are bringing an underground pop-up series known as the "Flesh Mob" to Philly this Spring. Coates, along with another food truck partner he can't reveal yet, will be parking his truck in secret locations around Philly (think unattended parking lots) and bringing music, burlesque dancers, beer, and of course, the best BBQ in all of Philly.

The Smoke Truck had a very short launch last December before shutting down for the winter, but made an appearance at the Craft Beer Festival last weekend, where he moved almost 400 sandwiches.

"We're ready to roll, and the Flesh Mob is going to be like a once a month kind of deal," said Coates. "We will do minimal promoting and attract people through Twitter and word of mouth. We've got a few partners in food and beer, too, we can't mention just yet. It's going to be nuts, man."

For anyone who knows Coates in real life, you can bet this will be absolutely insane. Stay tuned to Eater for details as they develop, and follow @TheSmokeTruck and @BebesBBQ for all your Flesh Mob needs. This sounds awesome.

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