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Krafteria Coming to The Piazza in Early May

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Krafteria is coming to The Piazza
Krafteria is coming to The Piazza
Photo: The Art Blog

Tim Lu and Michael Skolnick are opening a new restaurant in The Piazza called Krafteria, replacing what was once Raw, and previously earmarked for Speck Food + Wine. The concept is going to be cafeteria-style foods with an extensive craft beer list. But, the duo aren't going the traditional route for a tap setup, instead they're going to have a self-serve beer wall. Each customer will get a keychain i-button that they can add money to and recharge, and use at the wall to pour their brews.

"This is a concept unique to Philly. While we've seen a few self-distributing tables, we want to get local craft beers and rarities on the system to go along with the cafeteria-style atmosphere," said Skolnick. "And in terms of portability, we will have a very deep bottle list, somewhere between 50 to 100 beers that can be taken to go."

Skolnick said they plan to be open by the first weekend in May, just in time for Cinco de Mayo, and the massive Sunday OUT! festival at The Piazza.

· The Piazza at Schmidt's [Official]


1050 North Hancock Street, Philadelphia, PA