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First Look Inside Spiga on Locust Street

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[Photos: Eater Philly]

Spiga, the new casual Italian Trattoria from the Le Castagne/Panorama crew is shooting to open the week of April 30th at 1305 Locust Street. Chef Brian Wilson, coming across town from Le Castagne, is focusing on the wood-fired brick oven to bring big flavors to his plates. The menu runs the gamut from tiny plates of olives, to an intensely smoky veal shank, and everything in between. Since high-end pizzas are becoming the hot stuff in Philly, Wilson is going to have a few to add to the mix, right down the way from Barbuzzo and Zavino.

Prices will be affordable. Owner Anthony Masapollo wants to make sure "a family could hit up Spiga without breaking the bank." The beer list will be full of local craft, and they're contemplating adding a few Italian brews, as long as diners don't end up spending $20 per bottle. With Spiga opening their doors shortly along with the impending ribbon-cutting of Green Eggs, added to Fish, Zavino, and the Turney empire, 13th Street is quickly becoming Casual Restaurant Row.

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1305 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA