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Solo Skewer Bar Calls it Quits

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Solo Skewer Bar
Solo Skewer Bar
Photo: Eater Philly

The boards are up on the windows of Solo Skewer Bar at 50 North 10th Street in Chinatown, and no one is answering the phone (busy signal for two days is a bad sign). It appears that the grill/sometimes club that opened in 2009 has shut down the stoves and is no longer serving food on sticks.

The price point was ridiculously low, the eats were decent, and there were always people in the place, so it's unclear as to what happened. The nice ladies at QT Sandwich next door say they are gone for good. This is a real bummer, as Solo could always be counted on with just a few bucks in your pocket.

· Solo Skewer Bar [Yelp]


50 North 10th Street, Philadelphia, PA