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Sum Pig Food Truck Coming to Philly in June

The Sum Pig truck during renovations
The Sum Pig truck during renovations

Steve Koste and Jessica Iannuzzi have announced they're bringing a mobile pig-based operation to Philly in late May or early June. Called Sum Pig, Koste and Iannuzzi are currently converting an old postal truck into a mobile kitchen. The menu will consist of just a few high-quality dishes like Carolina-style pulled pork and pulled chicken tacos and sandwiches, with sauce and flavor variations.

Both owners moved around a lot growing up (Koste is the son of famous radio jock Mike Koste, and Iannuzzi was a pro race car driver in the Quarter Midget circuit), and they're bringing the flavors of those travels to the food. Koste, who is the chef on the truck, said they've been researching the competition a lot in the last year, and has an extensive restaurant background.

"We've spent the last 12 months or so checking out what kind of BBQ pork Philly has going on, and we're very confident with our version," said Koste. "One guy said he would rather eat my pulled pork sandwich than have sex. I think that's a pretty serious endorsement."

Koste is currently working with a few Bucks County farms to get a constant supply of organic proteins. "I will only serve product that I'm confident won't make you grow a third nut later in life," added the very quotable Koste.

The name Sum Pig is in reference to the descriptor in regards to Wilbur from children's book Charlotte's Web, and a play on the phrase "sum of it's parts" in regards to the extensive mileage Koste and Iannuzzi covered in their youth.

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