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The Night Market Returns with 3 New Dates in 2012

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The Night Market in Mt. Airy
The Night Market in Mt. Airy
Photo: Mikey Il

The super-popular Night Market has announced a triumphant return in 2012 with two new locations and three dates to join in on the feeding frenzy. On May 24th, the food bazaar hits Northern Liberties at 2nd and Poplar Streets, and on June 28th, they head to the Italian Market at 9th and Washington Avenue.

If you missed out on the last few gatherings, they've been a huge hit and have brought together just about every able-bodied person in Philly to eat and drink. Many of Philly's most notable food trucks and local restaurants participated last year, and this time around, they're going to be even bigger. The Food Trust has also mentioned that Mt. Airy (which hosted a Night Market last year) will be the site of another one this summer, but no date has been announced yet.

Look for a full list of participating vendors and trucks soon right here on Eater.

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