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Tokio Global Closes, Chef Ryo Recovering From Craniotomy to Remove Blood Clot

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Chef Ryo Igarashi
Chef Ryo Igarashi
Photo: Tokio Global

Chef Ryo Igarashi of Tokio Global (formerly Maru Global, home of the Takoyaki Ball) is recovering from an emergency craniotomy because of a blood clot in his brain that happened in late March. The restaurant closed temporarily while Igarashi was on the mend, and during that time, partner Saito Mimosa decided to pull out of the deal, leaving the brick and mortar on Lombard to shutter completely.

Maru Global will continue on at events as a food vendor called the Maru Global Mobile Tent, but the restaurant as we know it is no more. This is a sad day for one of the truly good guys in Philly, and one of those concepts you really hoped would catch on and become a thing. Maru has a calendar on their website where you can find them in the future, including this coming weekend at The Piazza from noon until 6PM on Saturday and Sunday. Eater HQ is sending positive thoughts to Ryo and his wife Nicole, two of the sweetest and most hard-working folks in the business. Get well soon, buddy!

· Tokio Global [Official]

Tokio Global

124 Lombard St, Philadelphia, PA