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'Coffee Hunter' Confirmed; Jose Garces on Dr. Oz

Todd Carmichael (left) and Jose Garces (right)
Todd Carmichael (left) and Jose Garces (right)
Photo: Esquire/Michael Spain Smith

Today's a good day for local food celebrities, as two of Philly's favorites are headed to the tube. Word came from The Travel Channel today that Todd Carmichael's Coffee Hunter is a done deal. As mentioned before, La Colombe's Carmichael heads to underdeveloped countries in search of the "perfect cup of coffee," and along the way gets himself in more than a few sticky situations. Travel Channel has also announced the series City Swappers, where two couples switch lives (including favorite restaurants and friends, creepy) to wacky results. How original.

Also, Iron Chef Jose Garces will be on The Dr. Oz Show tomorrow at 4 P.M. discussing his favorite flavor-boosting techniques. If you've got some free time, maybe you should try tweeting at Dr. Oz to get him to ask Garces when he's opening Frohman's Wursthaus, since no one seems to know.

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