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City Coffee Does Muffins, Tax Prep, and Paternity Tests

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City Coffee in Camden
City Coffee in Camden
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Right over the bridge in Camden, NJ, lives City Coffee, a tiny little storefront that is home to caffeine regulars in search of a mid-day fix. But, once you get that jolt of Joe, City Coffee is also there for a host of other needs that includes: tax preparation, property management, drug testing, and, yes, DNA paternity testing.

Office manager Mona Pryor (who has a degree in accounting) is always there to let customers know the complete suite of options City Coffee has to offer. "When people come in the coffee house, as a good salesperson, you always up-sell. I'll be like, come on in, we do notary services, copying, faxing," said Pryor.

Pryor said that City Coffee is looking to expand their services to include rentable office space for lawyers appearing in downtown court. Good thing they already have urine cups and swab kits for those paternity suits to save a little time.

· Camden Coffee Shop Prepares Taxes Along with Breakfast [Newsworks]

City Coffee

529 Market Street, Camden, NJ