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Tapestry Owner Comments On Clark/Cappello Departure

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After news broke that Tony Clark and Carmen Cappello had left Tapestry rather abruptly, co-owner Kar Vivekananthan reached out to Eater to offer his thoughts on the matter.

"Tony Clark was an employee of Belvedere Restaurant Group, and not officially at Tapestry," said Vivekananthan. "He wasn't on my payroll here, but Belvedere sent him here to work in the kitchen, since they're the management group. Carmen Cappello was here since the turnover from Adsum to Tapestry, though."

Vivekananthan did verify that neither chef was at Tapestry anymore, and that Clark was no longer with Belvedere (who list Tapestry on their website).

"Our concept is beer, bites, and booze. Once it becomes chef-driven, things get messed up. Our focus is on the concept, and not who is in the kitchen," said Vivekananthan. "As long as they can execute, the concept is what matters."

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