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South Philly Food Truck Depot Now 'The Docklands'

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FGDocklandsRendering.jpgIt looks like the proposed Food Truck depot in South Philly on Weccacoe Avenue is definitely happening. Kristen Muldoon, the brains behind the project has reached out to Eater to let us know there's an official name now for the space: The Docklands. The dining spot for people hitting up the trucks in the picnic area is now named Food Garden at The Docklands, and the picture to the right is the first official rendering. There's also a large PDF rendering if you want a more detailed view.

The Docklands will be a parking spot for food trucks, as well as a shared commissary for food prep, and a place to keep the trucks on the days they can't hit their normal planned locations during the week without losing any business. No word on when The Docklands will go live or who has already signed up, but stay tuned.

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