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Honeygrow Waging Their Own Parking Wars

Honeygrow, which is shooting to open next month, is offering vouchers for food if you happen to get nailed with a ticket by the purely-evil Philadelphia Parking Authority. Owner Justin Rosenberg has set aside $1,080 (which equals 30 $36 tickets, the standard for being over your time limit at a meter) to help sooth the pain those short-panted meter mongrels inflict on us for no good reason. Rosenberg is only offering $36 per violation, so the more hardcore violations (fire hydrant, running over school children) won't be covered, you thugs.

"Since we've started working on the restaurant, I have gotten so many parking tickets, so I understand the problem," said Rosenberg. "We want people to come even though the PPA makes life difficult for everyone. Hopefully this helps."

Rosenberg is also offering 10 $150 SEPTA transpasses to those homecooks who make up a creative stir-fry at home and shoot a picture of it and add it to their Facebook wall.

"No Caesar salads or boring stuff, please. They're not going to win, so think outside the box," added Rosenberg, who will be judging the entries.

[Photo: Honeygrow]

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1601 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA