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Philly Pretzel Factory CEO on Undercover Boss

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Philly Pretzel Factory CEO Dan DiZio
Philly Pretzel Factory CEO Dan DiZio
Photo: Driving and Dining

Dan DiZio, CEO of Philly Pretzel Factory will make an appearance on the CBS series, Undercover Boss, which puts top-level executives at entry positions at their own company. DiZio, who opened his first brick-and-mortar spot in 1998 at Frankford and Cottman in the Northeast, now has 120 locations nationwide, mostly on the East Coast.

“I was sleeping on bags of flour when we first opened up, but I became a corporate guy,” DiZio said. “I said, I’m never gonna lose my roots in the pretzel business, but to get caught up in boardrooms and meetings you really do lose touch. I forget how hard it was to go to work at 3 in the morning to make pretzels,” DiZio said.

Make sure to set your DVR to record this Friday at 8 P.M. on CBS to see how shitty the pretzel-makers truly have it. DiZio added that every Philly Pretzel Factory will hand out free pretzels to everyone who stops by this Thursday, which happens to be National Pretzel Day. There's a pretty entertaining preview of the episode on the Philly Pretzel Factory site, too.

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