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Sandwich Supremacy Finals Voting Starts Now

The finals are all set: Tony Luke's Roast Pork is going head-to-head against Brauhaus Schmitz' Bratwurst Sandwich for the crown in the Sandwich Supremacy tournament.

There was a little break between the semis and now, as we researched some back-end tech work in an effort to stop the ballot stuffing that plagued the early rounds of the contest. After all, who doesn't want a fair fight, especially in the finals? Any cheating will result in automatic disqualification for the entrant.

The last two competitors are a good representation of new and old worlds colliding, sit-down dining against shack-centric sandwich slinging, and a Philly icon taking on a young, talented chef. Make sure you tell your friends to vote, and let's get ready to rumble. Keep it clean, folks. Voting closes tomorrow at 5 P.M.

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