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Tony Luke's Roast Pork Wins Sandwich Supremacy

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Tony Luke's wins the inaugural Sandwich Supremacy
Tony Luke's wins the inaugural Sandwich Supremacy
Photo: Gastronomy

A hearty congratulations is in order for Tony Luke's roast pork sandwich, the winner of Eater Philly's inaugural Sandwich Supremacy! The 64 nominees were announced a little more than a month ago, and now we stand with a clear winner. After so many close head-to-head battles Tony Luke's came out the other end with the crown in a very clean and fair fight that had seen some serious ballot stuffing in the early going.

Outside the city limits, Philly is always going to be a cheesesteak town, but locals pick roast pork as our go-to more often than not nowadays, and this competition proved it to be true. And whether you head to John's, DiNic's, Paesano's, or champion Tony Luke's, you're going to get a great one.

See you next year!

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Tony Luke's

39 East Oregon Ave, Philadelphia, PA