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Han Dynasty T-Shirts Are On The Way

The back of one of Han Dynasty's proposed shirts
The back of one of Han Dynasty's proposed shirts
Photo: SRC

Han Chiang, owner of the Han Dynasty mini-empire of Sichuan restaurants, has decided to design a selection of t-shirts to sell to his legions of fans who speak of his food with cult-like enthusiasm. Chiang, known for his foul-mouthed commentary and intensity, plans of donating most of the profits to charity.

"I'm going to do a whole line of old-school propganda-style t-shirts," Chiang told Eater. "The first one my designer did depicted me as Chairman Mao, though, and I couldn't run that one, it would offend way too many people. My dad even called me from Taiwan and said he would kick my ass if I made that one."

The one above has his nickname Handynasty—which was derived from the run on words in his Twitter handle, @handynastyphila—and the number in parentheses is in reference to the different heat levels he lists on his menu (10 is the highest). The next shirt design Chiang is working on is a take on the famous 2008 Barack Obama "Hope" poster, designed by Shepard Fairey. No word on price yet, or when they will be released.

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