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Fried Chicken Night at Mémé

Mémé Restaurant
Mémé Restaurant
Photo: Beauty and the Feast

David Katz won't be at Mémé tonight (he's doing a collaborative dinner across town), but his famous fried chicken will be on hand for the masses. Normally, Katz only has his chicken available for Thursday lunch, but he's making a special exception this evening.

Chef Katz's bird is often considered the best in Philly, but such a small percentage of the population gets to try it because the window of opportunity is about three hours per week. Pop over there tonight to see what all the fuss is about.

For $20, you get the chicken, choice of two sides, and a Miller High Life bottle. So, why doesn't Katz do the chicken every day?

"We don't have a fryer in the building, and each chicken is fried in big pots," said Katz. "Takes up way too much room, man."

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2201 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA 19103