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A Look Inside the Upcoming Rittenhouse Tavern

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[Photos: Eater Philly]
Nick Elmi, formerly of Le Bec-Fin, is just about ready to open his new project, Rittenhouse Tavern. Eater Philly got a preview of the space, which is opening at the end of April. The restaurant has been done for a few months, but life has only recently shown up in the kitchen, as Elmi and his crew have been working on the new menu.

"It's going to be casual, but upscale," Elmi told Eater. "Which I know sounds like everyone else, but we're excited to show everyone what we mean by that concept. It's definitely different."

The space itself is casual and warm, with leather chairs and banquettes filling the dining room, as well as a patio out back that will be a tough get in the summertime. Unlike Parc's front tables for the scenesters, those of you who enjoy sunlight without little dogs and passersby will find a home here.

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Rittenhouse Tavern

251 South 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA