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Argana Moroccan Open in Lansdowne; Prime at Rowan

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LANSDOWNEArgana Moroccan opened their doors way out west of Center City, right down the road from Sycamore. Meal Ticket has the full menu and it looks pretty straightforward Moroccan, which is a good thing. The nabe is being called NoBL (north of Baltimore and Lansdowne), and that's not as cool. [Meal Ticket]

IN YOUR HOUSE Local artist Ronnie Ribant memorialized the accident involving a SEPTA bus and Monk's Cafe in paper sculpture form. It's the absolute most amazing paper recreation of a building-attacking bus in the history of the world. [Grub Philly]

JERSEYPrime has opened on the Rowan University campus, from the team that brought you Pub and Kitchen and The Diving Horse. Foobooz has all the details on the new spot, including a picture of the burger named for Old School, "My Boy Bleu." Will Ferrell just isn't funny. [Foobooz]

[Photo: Foobooz]