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What to Eat at The Wells Fargo Center, Home of the Flyers and Sixers

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Where to eat during the playoffs this season.
Where to eat during the playoffs this season.
Photo: Philadelphia 76ers

2012_4_stadiumlogo.jpgWe got you pumped up for Opening Day with the Citizens Bank Park Dining Guide, but April also brings playoff hockey, and yes, even playoff basketball this year to Philadelphia. While the Wells Fargo Center may not have all the creative goodies you'll find across the street, there are still good eats if you know where to look. New this year is the arrival of Canadian coffee guru Tim Horton's and Melissa's Farm to Fan healthy bites. As usual, you can still find a big ol' bucket of Chickie's and Pete's Crab Fries to inhale, as well.

Make sure you study up on the guide, as there will be a test before the playoffs start in the next week or so. Ok, not really.

The Wells Fargo Center's Three Standouts

guide_chickies.jpgChickie's and Pete's: Chickie's and Pete's Crab Fries are the ultimate stadium snack. There's a few of them scattered around the stadium, and they've got some combo meals with chicken tenders and chicken cheesesteaks, too. [Section 101, 204, 216, Pavilion]

guidedippingthings.jpgDippin' Dots: Does anyone not love Dippin' Dots? We've been obsessed since they debuted more than a decade ago, and they're just fun to eat. Located on a portable stand on the second level. [Section 204]

guideshortrib.jpgBroad Street Carvery: This year, the Broad Street Carvery has added a Braised Short Rib sandwich, and a Cracklin' Roast Porchetta sandwich to the mix. And they're pretty damn delicious. [Section 120]

* indicates special Eater recommendations

Featured Eats

*Tim Horton's, Sections 104, 110, 116, 122: Tim Horton's is new this year to the WFC, and you'll get a serious cup of coffee here. In fact, we would take a cup of Joe from Horton's over Starbucks any day of the week.
*Broad Street Carvery, Section 120: Get yourself a delicious Braised Short Rib sandwich or a Cracklin' skin Porchetta sandwich and beers at this stand. Dogfish Head and Yards are on draft, as well as PBR and Miller High Life. All around, one serious place to eat.
*Chickie's and Pete's , Section 102, 204, 216, Pavilion: Local franchise Chickie's and Pete's famous Old Bay-smothered fries are available here with the white cheese dip. They've got chicken fingers and chicken cheesesteaks, too.
*Melissa's Farm to Fan, Section 104: Whether you're looking for a hummus platter, fruit, or a Greek Chicken wrap, Melissa's Farm to Fan is the healthy option on the first level. Veggie-folk should head here.
*Campo's Hoagie's, Sections 101, 113: Campo's represents Philly well, with Meatball, Turkey, Italian, and the Original Cin hoagies on the menu. They've got nachos, too, and soft pretzels for those of you who don't want to make a mess.
*Campo's Cheesesteaks, Pavilion: The cheesesteak version of Campo's is no slouch, either. Besides the signature sandwich, Campo's has mozzarella sitkcs, onion rings, and the Flyers Ice sandwich.
*Butch's BBQ, Section 107: Butch's is your standard BBQ fare, offering up hot dogs, slaw and beans, and the Butch BBQ sandwich. You can snag a J&J superpretzel here, too.
*Roast Beef Stand, Pavilion: There's a guy who's entire gig is putting together roast beef sandwiches and roast beef platters at the pavilion. Definitely a favorite.
*PJ Whelihan's, Section 119: The WFC outpost of PJ Whelihan's chain has many of the same goodies from their original menu. They've got massively piled-on loaded fries, boneless wings, and a decent selection of local craft beers.
Season's Pizza, Sections 102, 114: While the pizza at Season's Pizza is decent, it's the sloppy Chicken Parm sandwich that we always get when we're at the stadium .
Fan Favorites, Sections 104, 110, 116, 122: Fan Favorites is all over the stadium, and has a huge menu. Smoked sausages, hot dogs, popcorn, candy, nachos, Jack and Jill Ice Cream, chocolate-dipped ice cream, and peanuts are all available at these stands.

Many of the spots you find on the first level, are also available on the second level. Besides the level-specific bites, you'll find plenty of generic stands throughout the arena, like Boardwalk Fries, Nacho Express (Nachos, duh), and Grille Works (Sausage, Burgers, and Chicken Sandwiches). For you Suite level folks, there is the members only Cadillac Grille, Cigar Bar, and The Lexus Club.

Wells Fargo Center

3601 S Broad St Philadelphia, PA 19148