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Jane G's Coming Soon to 20th and Chestnut Streets

Jane G's is coming soon to Rittenhouse
Jane G's is coming soon to Rittenhouse
Photo: Elysia Lichtine

Jane G's, which has been talked about since 2010, is finally getting ready to open at 1930 Chestnut Street. A tipster sent us in this photo of the awnings having gone up in the last week with the logo on them, which is often the last piece of the puzzle before the paper comes down from the windows, and everyone gets to start eating.

Owner Jane Guo, who once was the driving force behind the long-gone Noodle Heaven on Broad Street (which is now Bliss), is opening the high-end Chinese restaurant, which features 125 seats and a huge bar, as well as an open kitchen. Guo at one time owned a few restaurant properties in Pottstown and Reading as well, but got rid of them to focus on the Philadelphia project.

No definite date yet from the owner, but it looks like a good bet to open before the weather turns on the heat. With the shuttering of Susanna Foo a few years back, downtown Philly could use a little taste of high-end Chinese food once again. Stay tuned.

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Jane G's

1930 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA