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Vault Brewing Company Launching in August

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The future home of Vault Brewing Co.
The future home of Vault Brewing Co.
Photo: Vault Brewing

vaultlogo.jpgJames and John Cain are opening their very own brewpub, Vault Brewing Co., this August. Located at 10 S. Main Street in downtown Yardley, Vault is taking over the former Bank of America building, which has inspired the name of their new venture.

The Cains have hired longtime Philly homebrewer Mark Thomas to run the 500 barrel-per-year operation. Thomas, who is a first-time commercial brewer, has been training in Colorado the past few months to prepare for the August opening.

"We're going to do a seasonal rotation, like most breweries," said Thomas. "We're starting with an IPA, an English bitter, and a Russian imperial stout. We're also going to do a Belgian blonde ale, but on the lighter side, like 4.5% ABV."

Thomas said they will have cask beer engines at the pub, and are already at work on an oak-aging program. The first beer in the barrel will be the Russian Imperial stout. "It won't be ready for a few months, obviously," Thomas said. "We'll be using the former bank vaults to house our oak barrels as showpieces."

The owners plan on having a full pub menu, too, and have recently purchased a wood-fired oven for pizzas.

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10 S. Main Street, Yardley, PA