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Potato Chip Magnate Jim Herr Dead at Age 88

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Jim Herr and wife Miriam in March 2011
Jim Herr and wife Miriam in March 2011
Photo: Herr's Snack Foods

Jim Herr, founder of Herr's Snack Foods passed away last night at his home in Chester County. Herr was 88 years old and suffering from a severe form of pneumonia. Herr launched the company in 1946 with a $1,750 investment, and grew the business to over $100 million a year in sales with a workforce of more than 1,000 employees, making it the 3rd largest chip company in the U.S. Herr's chips are a Philadelphia staple, regarded with the same reverence as Tastykakes and Goldenberg's Peanut Chews.

Herr and his wife Miriam (Mim) were still very active within the company right up until Jim got sick late in 2011. Eater HQ suggests picking up a bag of Herr's Pork Rinds or Kettle Cooked Chips this weekend in honor of one man's dedication to keeping all of Philadelphia quite fat and happy.

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