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Jose Garces' Restaurant in a Restaurant Coming to Kimmel

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Iron Chef Jose Garces at Distrito
Iron Chef Jose Garces at Distrito
Photo: Chris Sembrot/Uwishunu

Eater Philly went in-depth with Iron Chef Jose Garces a few months back, and at the time he said Philly could expect a Jose-in-the-kitchen experience in the future. Today, Eater has learned that the upcoming project at The Kimmel Center will house that Garces-only experience, even though that was the one place he said it wouldn't happen.

Garces expects to have around 16-20 seats in an area of the restaurant dedicated to a personal chef's table where Garces will be the starring attraction. While he won't be there every night, Garces said that section will only be open when he's in the house, cooking whatever he feels like, depending on the season and his mood.

Because of his Revel Casino openings this week, and the new Kimmel Center project taking up time, Garces has put the brakes on his long-delayed Frohman's Wursthaus concept on 13th Street. Sadly, the Iron Chef was the first one booted off of Chopped All-Stars last night, because the judges didn't like the crawfish shells he left in his salad to "help digestion."

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The Kimmel Center

300 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA