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Havana Room Opening This Weekend

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Havana Room opens this weekend
Havana Room opens this weekend
Photo: Havana Room

The way overpriced ($1,000 membership) and way under-visited Arrow Swim Club died a quiet death and recently re-opened as the North Shore Beach Club right by The Piazza at Schmidt's. New owner Brian Nagele has also changed up the former Chenango and turned it into the Havana Room, which opens this weekend.

Chef Sean Elstone (a Stephen Starr vet from Parc and Il Pittore) is executing a Cuban menu with mid-sized bites and sandwiches that average around $12. The entrees creep into the low 20s (the most expensive dish tops out at $26, which is a New York strip), and never really sends you into sticker shock. There are definitely some exquisite touches and unique spins on classic Cuban flavors on the menu, and the Havana Room could become a sleeper hit this summer if it all comes together.

Havana Room Opening Menu

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Havana Room

1031 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, PA

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