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Zen-Nor Bringing French-Japanese Fusion to Queen Village

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Zen-Nor is shooting to open next week
Zen-Nor is shooting to open next week
Photo: Eater Philly

When the sign went up for Zen-Nor, it announced a coffee shop replacing what was once Daniel Stern's beloved Gayle, and then the unfortunately named Hoof + Fin. But, somewhere along the line, the new owners decided they wanted to go bigger, and have turned it into a full-fledged restaurant. Zen-Nor is planning to open their doors on Wednesday, May 16th.

They brought in New Jersey chef Mike O'Mara to helm the new kitchen, which will be turning out Japanese-French fusion. O'Mara has been trained classically in both Japanese and French cuisine, and owned a few restaurants in New Jersey, including MO Cafe in Vorhees. There will be outdoor seating with a beautiful koi pond. Inside, O'Mara said he plans to offer a chef's table in the kitchen, so people can enjoy the bustle of the cooks while they eat.

Eater has the dinner menu, but O'Mara said he also plans to offer a full tasting menu for those adventurous souls with a big appetite.

Zen Nor Dinner Menu

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