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Spruce Street Espresso Becoming A Juice Bar

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Spruce Street Espresso is becoming a juice bar.
Spruce Street Espresso is becoming a juice bar.
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Eater Philly is hearing that a fresh juice bar is moving into what once was caffeine temple Spruce Street Espresso. Spruce Street has since moved down a block, and re-opened as Odd Fellows Cafe in a brand new space, but the original owners still have possession of the storefront at 11th and Spruce.

The proposed concept is going to be a menu full of drinks and smoothies using fresh fruits and veggies. No confirmation yet from Faith or Betty Ortiz (the owners of Odd Fellows, and the former Spruce Street Espresso), but info is coming from people very close to the source, so it's a good bet to be true. This is great news for the Gayborhood, as anyone who frequents Odd Fellows (and Spruce Street), knows that Ortiz & Co. know how to properly execute a concept. Stay tuned.

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Unnamed Juice Bar

1101 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA

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