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Lil' Pop Shop Open in West Philly

The newest artisanal hotness is freezy pops (a popsicle to you sticklers) , and owner Jeanne Chang is blazing trails in West Philly with her Lil' Pop Shop. Chang soft-opened her venture last week, and had a big coming out party during the Clark Park May Fair this past weekend.

The Lil' Pop Shop features some intense flavors, including: Peanut Butter Curry, Chocolate with Salted Caramel Brownie, Vietnamese Coffee, and Cherry Lambic. There are some classic flavors, too, like Mango and Lime Mint, which should keep your unadventurous buddies, happy, too.

While the brick and mortar Pop Shop lives in West Philly, look out for the little adorable yellow cart Chang is bringing to outdoor events throughout the summer. The flavors are on rotation, too, so make sure to follow them on Twitter to keep up with the next batch of craziness Chang is whipping up.

· Lil' Pop Shop [Facebook]

Lil' Pop Shop

229 South 20th Street, , PA 19103 (215) 309-5822 Visit Website

Lil' Pop Shop

265 South 44th Street, Philadelphia, PA