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Free Pat's & Geno's Cheesesteaks from Tidy Cat

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Free cheesesteak at Geno's and Pat's from Tidy Cat
Free cheesesteak at Geno's and Pat's from Tidy Cat

In the weirdest email Eater has ever gotten, Tidy Cat (the kitty littler people) is offering up free cheesesteaks to the first 100 people who visit both Pat's and Geno's starting at noon. The hashtag associated with the promotion is #lifestinks Less with a Cheesesteak. There's no correlation between cat urine and cheesesteaks (although the amount of strays in that intersection is quite high), but turning down free food is just bad form.

The clock just rolled past noon, and since it's a Wednesday, there's a good chance you'll get one of the free 200 sandwiches if you leave right now. Get on your horse and take a picture of the bright yellow (ew, really?) garbage truck which is hauling around the PU Patrol.

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