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British Food Network Films Zea Mays Food Truck

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Zea Mays was the subject of a British Food Network spot
Zea Mays was the subject of a British Food Network spot
Photo: Brands Imaging

One of Philly's newest food trucks, Zea Mays, was the recent subject of a UK Food Network film shoot. Andy Bates' American Street Feast reached out to Patrick O'Rourke of the PMFA in regards to shooting a "real American" food truck, and they pointed the crew to Sue Wasserkrug's venture, which focuses on Native American cuisine. Zea Mays normally makes their home around Philly in spots like LOVE Park and the Mt. Airy Farmer's Market.

The show debuts in the fall, and focuses on the myriad of different street food America has to offer. The Brits have street food as well, but isn't up to the standards and creativity that has been the hallmark of the new era of food trucks in the U.S. The star of the show, Andy Bates, fell in love with Philly while he was shooting here, commenting: "We want to live in America. Philly rules."

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