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Fish Coming Back Bigger, Stollenwerk Adds to Empire

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mikestollbigpic.jpgThis weekend, owner Mike Stollenwerk told Eater he was temporarily closing Fish as he worked out some issues with investors. He promised a quick return of his seafood mecca, but as with all financial concerns, these situations can be dicey and drag out longer than expected. But, not this time.

The Insider is reporting that not only did Stollenwerk get stuff ironed out with his investors, they're actually expanding into the space on the other side of The Independent Hotel where they will serve breakfast and lunch.

In addition to the new Fish expansion, it appears as though Stollenwerk is opening another restaurant at 1420 Locust Street in the Academy House, which is currently Jolly's Dueling Piano Bar (and previously was The Smoked Joint, Kaizan, Sakeya, and Toni's Bistro). While the location is famous for quick turnover, Stollenwerk is just the guy to make it work. The new concept is going to be Cajun cuisine, and there's no timetable for either new space at this time.

This will surely get weirder before everything gets sorted out. Stay tuned.

[Photo: Fish]

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