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Finnigan's Wake Expansion Plans Are Damn Big

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Finnigan's hopes to expand.
Finnigan's hopes to expand.
Photo: 7 Main Street

Finnigan's Wake was turned down for an expansion last year by the NoLibs neighborhood association, and instead of throwing in the towel, they went even bigger. Meal Ticket is reporting that owner Mike Driscoll is back with a new plan that adds two monstrous 800+ square foot party decks to the building. So, why would the NIMBYs approve it this time around? Finnigan's new plan includes turning 75% of their business to catering, thereby almost all but eliminating the mass of vomiting 21-year-olds perched on Spring Garden. Hmmm.

If the plan goes through, Driscoll said that the new financing would also allow them to renovate and beautify Bodine Street, which currently is just full of dumpsters and dudes taking a whiz. The decision is still in the hands of the NLNA, so no word on whether or not they bought the story Driscoll is selling. Stay tuned.

· Finnigan's Wake Expansion Plans [Meal Ticket]

Finnigan's Wake

537 North 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA

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