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Is Square Peg Looking to Go National?

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Adam Erace of the City Paper gave Matt Levin's newest venture, Square Peg, a pretty shitty review. But, slotted between the critic speak about the problems with the restaurant was a throwaway comment about Square Peg expanding nationally. Erace commented that the menu was missing some of the trademark insanity normally found on Levin menus, to which Levin suggested the concept wouldn't end here in Philly.

"[The food] had to be a little bit more down the middle of the road. Super poutine doesn't work at a fucking strip mall in Atlanta. Mac 'n' cheese grilled cheese does," said Levin. No word from Levin's camp on any timetable for the possible expansion, but it's definitely something to talk about. Stay tuned.

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Square Peg

929 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA