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Foie Gras Double Down Debuts at Sqaure Peg

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Square Peg Double Down
Square Peg Double Down
Photo: Matt Levin

Chef Matt Levin, Philly's King of Stunt Food, is debuting the Foie Gras Double Down tonight at Square Peg. In honor of the famous KFC Double Down, Levin has upped the ante with his version which is higher in calories and high-end ingredients. In his former life at Adsum, Levin whipped up a slider that replaced buns with Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes.

Levin's version of the Double Down still rocks the fried chicken breasts in place of bread, but adds a sauteed chunk of foie gras, applewood smoked bacon, and gruyere tucked inside with a dollop of maple syrup to hold it all together. It comes with a side of foie gras gravy in a little pitcher.

They serve a very similar sandwich at Joe Beef, another calorie factory up north, which is the inspiration for this creation.

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Square Peg

929 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA