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New Clothing Boutique; Swank Cars; Pee in Bottles; More!

Now for some updates from our sister site, Curbed Philly, your go-to source for all things real estate, neighborhoods and architecture...

Photo from the Pestronks' website []

ERASERHOOD—You would not believe the things that are being alleged by the Post Brothers about the building-trade unions. Penis flyers, pee in bottles, inflatable rats, dead dogs ... stay classy, Philadelphia.

REALITY TV—We kind of loved the way Philly came off last week on Undercover Boss, which featured Dan DiZio, the CEO of Philly Pretzel Factory. We're apparently a very emotional town.

GREEN SPACES—Check out our interactive map of Philly's "secret" gardens, by which we mean little neighborhood gardens you didn't know about, big parks you never think to go to and some guy named Herman's stoop, where he sits with artificial plants every day.

RACKED PHILLY—The high-end clothing store Intermix is coming Philly. It'll open on Walnut Street between 17th and 18th in the spot where Knit Wit used to be. So what's going to happen to Knit Wit? You'll have to tune in to our new fashion-focused feature to find out. (Beware the alliteration, though.)

EVERYWHEREUber car service is coming to town. So get drunk as you want and lose your wallet and still ride home in style.

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