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Timber Wood-Fired Grill Shutters; Ocean City BYOB

ABINGTONTimber Wood-Fired Grill has closed, and chef Michael Dombroski has moved on to Paramour. The Insider is reporting that locals weren't keen on the high-priced entrees. [The Insider]

RITTENHOUSEUrban Enoteca has opened up in the just re-opened Latham Hotel, which was the setting for Colin Farrell's Dead Man Down. The chef is Dan Orvis, and they sport a 24-tap wine Cruvinet system. [The Insider]

OCEAN CITYThe BYOB referendum goes before voters today in Ocean City. Here's to hoping they get their shit together, and approve the new referendum, which was taken off the ballot last November. [Grub Philly]