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Winning Entries for Shake Shack T-Shirt Giveaway

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What would you do to be first in line at Shake Shack Philly?
What would you do to be first in line at Shake Shack Philly?
Photo: Shake Shack

We asked our readers to tell us what they would do to get in the front of the line when Shake Shack opens next week, and you didn't disappoint with your extreme intensity. But, only the best five answers would get you an official Shake Shack Philly T-shirt, and these were the winning entries:

Jared S. wrote: "I'd dress up like a giant shake and camp out until it opens. I would strangle a baby penguin if I was asked. I hope I am not asked to do that."

Brian S. wrote: "I would dress up in a Phillies uniform and say I am Cliff Lee and expect (rightfully so I might add) to get preferential treatment. But, then again, I’d probably be turned away like the other #%^hole establishment from New York a few blocks to the east."

Meredith M. wrote: "Last September we were in NYC for my cousin's wedding. We were there for less than 24 hours, and my husband ate shake shack 3 times during that time period. He is considering taking a personal day so he can be there for opening, and sends emails about Shake Shack Philly progress with exclamation points."

Scott S. wrote: "I have taken off from work, during my busiest time of year, to attend the opening of Shake Shack Philadelphia. I did the same for the Opening in DC, as well as the Opening Game at Citi Field. Shake Shack to me, is like the Soft Pretzel to Philadelphia. Should I win this T-Shirt, I will wear it with honor, pride, and of course, a Mustard Stain for all those to see.

Rory K. wrote: "Begin a fake twitter account that appears to be from Foobooz. Announce via said twitter account that Colin Farrel is at Hop Sing Laundromat giving away free foie gras sliders to pair with a special absinthe drink with an absinthe you can only get at Hop Sing Laundromat.

Said tweet will be thus: "Colin Farrell not at movie filming. At Hop Sing, free sliders w foie."

That should take care of the gawkers and fame-focused people in line. To get the foodies out of line, the next tweet will be: "FedNuts testing kitchen on Sansom. New donut rumor: Phillies flavor. Get there now!"

That should make getting up to the front of the line as easy as just saying really loudly, "damn, is a Shake Shack burger better than hop sing w/Colin Farrell or free Federal Donuts?!?!"

You people really love free shirts and Shake Shack. Thanks to everyone who entered, and congrats to the winners. See you all in line next week.

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Shake Shack

20th and Sansom, Streets, Philadelphia, PA